Pedal Steel Transmission was the band that taught us to try everything, to try hard, to be a band, to turn as soon as the line went straight. Started in 1999 with fiery semi-country with flecks of noise and eventually unfolding over the course of 3 full-lengths all sorts of bombastic indie rock, contemplative ballads, tweaked time signatures, Yo La Tengo obsessions, Johnny Cash prison riots, Stereolab armbands… John McLaughlin spazz, Speedy West worship… It’s hard to imagine not being at Lilly’s every Thursday, or waking up without a slightly throbbing neck. Pedal Steel Transmission contains all the raw elements that eventually splintered into the new bands on the label: Hummingbiird, The Singleman Affair, The Part Five, Mean Sea Level… I can literally hear us discovering our music collections on these discs.Pedal Steel Transmission is Chris Brantley (’99-2001), Bryan d’Ouville (’99-2004), Don Ogilvie, Gary Pyskacek and Dan Schneider.