Rock Falls is a small farming community in the northwest corner of Illinois. Situated on the Rock River, it is a quiet, little town with only five stoplights, acres upon acres of farmland and green leaves and grass that stretch as far as the eye can see. It is where Annie Reese was born and raised, and as it has been the strongest influence on her life, it was only fitting that it should be the moniker for her gentle, lo-fi, folk music. She now lives and performs in the city of Chicago, but is still very much a small-town girl.
Her songs are succinct, oftentimes dark, and always powered by an emotional vulnerability that is palpable. Through her music, Reese captures the private, intimate moments that are frequently missed or ignored in today’s synthetic world—the chilling wind whipping outside of old apartment windows, the stillness that comforts us during times of heartbreak. Stepping away from the blue light of a computer screen and moving toward the blue light of dawn, rock falls is the soundtrack to this movement.