2Stick Season’s Don Ogilvie was born into a family of drummers, his father, step-father, uncle and great-grandfather all players in their day, the latter enlisting Don’s grandmother in the Sikes Orchestra, a family band active in rural Missouri in the early 1900s. He inherited his father’s rhythm at birth, and his blue sparkle jazz kit at age eight. His first high-school band was Bryce Hammer, a prolific two piece formed with King Cat’s John Porcellino, which evolved into noise-punk combo TAC, nee King Archie, a Pixies-influenced punk team that bounced around the Illinois college campus circuit for several years. Ogilvie also helped form Champaign’s goth-rocker band Flat Earth Society, rejoining FES’s Steve Lovisa years later in Chicago as Headset. After college, Ogilvie transplanted in Denver, joining Porcellino in creation of the Felt Pilotes, a psych-folk band that shared a practice space and many stage bills with the Apples in Stereo during the formative years of the Elephant Six Collective. Don was also active in the Denver punk scene, lending his chops to pop-punk upstarts Crestfallen for many years before returning to Chicago in the late 90’s. Back in Chicago, Ogilvie remained active in Headset while teaming up with Gary Pyskacek and Dan Schneider, founders of Cardboard Sangria records and song writers for country-psych rockers Pedal Steel Transmission. He has remained in the CS collective, playing with PST and contributing to numerous additional CS acts including Darling, Mean Sea Level and Singleman Affair. After 30 years of active playing, Ogilvie’s Stick Season represents his first foray into solo work. He continues to push out his signature blend under the Stick Season moniker, while remaining active in the Chicago scene.