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01 White is Night by Cardboard Sangria Records
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Darling in 2010

Darling originally formed in 2003 around the songwriting of Jeff Schneider, and released their debut ep, Ground is Sound on Cardboard Sangria shortly after. A newly adapted trio version of the band featuring the lilting melancholia of Jeff Schneider once again, but improves its sonic attack with the addition of Nick Voss and Pierce Codina. The new trio adds a wider range of sounds and a more tightly focused rhythm section to add to their impressive live shows. Darling is a sweet and hopeful mix of Built to Spill and Modest Mouse inspired indie guitars, with a bit of the sixties pop group vocals sneakin’ in.


cs008 Darling – Ground is Sound

This album is a soulful walk through your mind and eventually to the discovery that although your time on earth is limited, your creation will live on forever. From the title track "Ground is Sound" ambient beginnings followed by a raucous chorus line are meant to symbolize the path your mind takes you from the cradle. Early Hood whispers through layers of Death Cab computers and the sweet and hopeful, with ambient bliss followed by a raucous chorus. With Television and New Wave guitars, Malkmus or Martsch vocals and the ever-present melancholy, this is where Darling hits its stride, spilling secrets over acoutic guitars, fending off mini-Korgs at every corner.

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1 Ground Is Sound 05:53
2 Keyholes 04:46
3 Reading Lines 04:24
4 Nightlight 03:23
5 Turning Gray 04:50
6 Pulling Down 06:10
7 Lights Are Low 05:52

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cs015 Darling – Burned By The Sun

An unlikely skin for such severe emotional heartbreak. 7 Tracks of chrome disillusion and polished denial. The lo-fi Darling is left in the dust for Built To Spill and Television style 3-minute guitar workouts. Bassist Nick Voss penned 2 of the 7 tracks, adding a Jim O’Rourke tongue-in-cheek disenchantment to Jeff Schneider’s towering Neil Young heartache. This is a breakup record, written and recorded on the fly, and infected with an Animal Collective urgency.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. We Are Strong 2:06
2. Back and Forth 2:53
3. We'll Try 3:22
4. Heads On 3:04
5. One Is Even 3:32
6. Ice Age 2:36
7. Fire Keeps Lit 3:53

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cs020 Darling – Lights That Last Forever

Stream The Whole Album

10 tracks on cream-colored vinyl

Darling's first full-length record is about licking your paws and moving on. From start to finish, it's about knowing where you are in life and what's important. Lights that last forever are the people and ideas that matter most and will guide you as you age. As Darling matures, the pop grows (of Montreal, the Cars) as much as their guitar attack warbles and clangs (Television, Neil Young). The album starts at an uncomfortable moment in life and progresses to a new beginning and a renewed appreciation for life around you. You can hear old memories fade away and new ones begin, starting with a heart attack and ending with a gathering of hope. This record combines the wistful melancholy and shimmering joy of the last two EPs into a complete story.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

1. Heart Attack
2. Bad Dream
3. Move In Move On
4. In The Ground
5. Afraid Of
6. Bicycle Ride
7. Been Sold
8. Broken Wing
9. Sleeptalking
10. Gathered

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cs023 Darling – ‘Keep Out’ 7inch

Stream The Whole Album

The Keep Out 7" attempts to characterize the inner dilemma and turmoil of which life invariably consists. White is Night is a song of self-reflection in the brightest night of winter. It simplifies all the things that bring you down into the dirt beneath your shoes and the awareness of all that's really important. Mako Sica explores the thought that life can turn on a dime. Lush green grass can abruptly change to barren earth and the brightest blue sky can turn ashen gray. Its the idea of remaining vigilant and the inability to stay inside.

LP's Limited to 300 on red vinyl. Comes with free mp3s
8.00 includes shipping

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1 White is Night
2 Mako Sica

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