Daniel Schneider of the Singleman Affair standing shirtless

4PM Sunlight Full Album Video Playlist

We emerge from the rain to find this pixelated fit Ghost-Dan beckoning us to dive deep into 10 full videos from the complete recent Singleman Affair album, “4PM Sunlight”. Videos created by Dan Schneider. Get familiar, these tunes will be on display live at Constellation in March.

new release from Mean Sea Level

I Can’t Tell You

There’s a twist in the partly-cloudy awareness, a knowing undercurrent, though pretty and elusive, but maybe laid bare- You, California man… may not know a normal bliss. Stare, ignorant of the eyes’ return… New release from Mean Sea Level, “I Can’t Tell You”, streaming everywhere today. Watch the video

poster image for new music from the Singleman Affair


Embrace “Lightness” the airy new post-folk single from The Singleman Affair’s  latest LP, 4PM Sunlight. This piece closes the new LP with a bit of bliss and longing. Catch the live version at the upcoming release show at Constellation Chicago on March 25th.  

Video still from the music video for "Nothing But Noise" by the SIngleman Affair

Nothing But Noise…

Watch the music video for the resolute folk dreamscape “Nothing But Noise”, the latest single from The Singleman Affair LP, “4pm Sunlight”. Wake up time and time again, along the same road, over and over… Ask the eternal question “what the hell do we even do, to make it through?” Pre-Orders shipping now